Park Lane Terms and Conditions

1. I am of legal age in the province of my residency.

2. I will become a “director” upon execution of this agreement, and I will, at that time, have the right to sell “Jewels by Park Lane” products in accordance with the Park Lane Jewellery compensation plan.

3. I have read the Park Lane Jewellery compensation plan and I agree to abide by that document and agree that it is incorporated as part of this Agreement by reference. I understand and agree that the compensation plan may be amended from time to time and I agree to be bound by those amendments when published in official company literature.

4. I understand that there is no requirement beyond signing this agreement to become a “director” of Park Lane Jewellery and that any purchase of demonstration / sample kits, sales aids, literature, etc. by me are strictly voluntary.

5. I understand that a one-hundred percent (100%) deposit must accompany all orders submitted to Park Lane Jewellery by me and that I am responsible for the remittance of any monies to the company.

6. I acknowledge that as an Independent Contractor, I am self-employed and not an employee of Park Lane Jewellery or Parklane Jewellery Limited. I understand that I am engaging in an independent business and am not covered by you under any federal or provincial unemployment or worker’s compensation act or for social insurance benefits. I also understand that I am also responsible for payment of all federal, provincial, and local income taxes arising out of my activities as a Director and for filing of all returns and reports.

7. I am entitled to terminate my participation in the Park Lane Jewellery compensation plan at any time by giving written notification to Park Lane Jewellery. Voluntary termination is effective upon receipt of such notice by Park Lane Jewellery. Notification of the termination may be forwarded to the affected parties. I understand that Park Lane Jewellery may terminate my status as a “director” at any time, with or without cause, by giving written notification to me. Any termination of this Agreement extinguishes my right to receive any commission, profit, or bonus of any nature from Park Lane Jewellery.

8. I agree that while this Agreement is in effect and for a period of one (1) year following the termination of my repre- sentation of Park Lane Jewellery, I will not use or disclose to any person or company any information obtained while representing Park Lane Jewellery concerning the names and/ or addresses of independent contractors or employees or any other trade secrets, nor will I reveal to any person or company my compensation arrangement or amount I receive or received under this Agreement, nor will I use or give to any person or company any sales literature or other materials furnished to me by Park Lane Jewellery.

9. From the date of this Agreement and for one year following the date of termination of this Agreement (whether by me or you and whether for cause or without cause), I will not, either directly or indirectly, either for myself or for any other person, firm, or corporation, call upon solicit, divert, or take away any of Park Lane Jewellery‘s employees or other Independent Contractors.