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Karen Tober

 (780) 235-6148

As a Woman going through the chapters of life I was Always looking for a way to provide an income for my family that would give me the flexibility foremost for my loved ones and the earning potential of a six figure income. Wife, Mom and now Grandmother - Direct Sales has been my vehicle that “Opened My Eyes" and now to date is also leading the way for my retirement! With over 20 years Experience in the Home Based Business Arena, my Dream of Owning my Own Business became a Successful reality in the Direct Sales Jewellery Business Industry. Good times, Great Style, Companionship and Free Worldly Travel have been a Dream Come True! It has by far been the Most Rewarding and Fun Adventure I’ve Ever been on! What a concept, Purposeful Passion that turns into Profit and Fun.

It’a a privilege to be a part of the Park Lane family an Established Brand and Business Model. As the Fashion Industries World’s Leading Direct Sales Jewellery Company, why not participate with the Best and benefit from the steps that have already been taken to establish the brand in the Market! With its re-entry into Canada only a few short years ago and expanding worldwide, it truly is an endless opportunity. If you are Exploring for an Expression for your True Self, then I encourage you to join me in some Fun with Park Lane whatever that may mean to you! Signature Style comes to my mind - whether it be exploring the jewelery in a Style Appt. for yourself personally or with some friends and family, or the Power of seeking out Your reality of owning your own business that can give you an Invaluable underlying element of new found hope, meaningful connections, lifestyle management - financial and flexibility freedom, know that all of this is only a decision away and that you can be rewarded for your loyalty like never before. "Your Worlds" Next Great Adventure can start here - Good times and Great Style are always important and there’s a spot at the table for anyone!

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