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I would love to hear from you. Please contact me about how I can help you start or increase your new fashion jewellery business. We’d love to have you as a member of my ever growing Park Lane Jewelry family.


Shelley’s Park Lane Story

In March of 2016, I joined My former Manager, turned Franchise Owner, as one of her very 1st directors, and than God daily, for guiding me to making that choice!
With Park Lane, I get to travel, earn a car bonus, receive free jewellery, cash bonuses, and all the bling I can play in each month, while helping others enjoy the joys of Park Lane as well!
Lots of people get to see my fun side, and that`s perfect, because, truly, the ladies and gents I work with, make it a joy to spread the sparkle, and helping other achieve more for themselves is always my goal!!

Thank you, Park Lane!
xox S.C.

About Me

As a Jewellery Stylist and Entrepreneur, Mom and beverage buddy, who`s sharing the bling in all sorts of places, helping people smile, while guiding them to the things that will help thier lives sparkle a bit more, is the perfect way to incorporate fun, flare, and fashion into a financial fiesta!
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